Yatadera, the formal name is Yatasan Kongousenji Temple, locates middle of Yatayama in Yata-kyuryo Hills which is 3.5km west from the castle town Yamato-koriyama. It houses the oldest Enmei Jizo Bosatsu (Kshitigarbha) Statue in Japan.
About 1300 years ago, Prince Oama (later Emperor Tenmu) ascended Yatayama to pray for the victory of Jinshin War (672). After the war, Emperor Tenmu ordered Chitsu Sojo* to construct the compound, and this was the beginning of Yatadera.
At first, Eleven-faced Kannon Bosatsu and Kichijoten were the principal images of Yatadera. Since Mammai Shonin* enshrined the image, the faith of Jizo has spread around this temple.
* Sojo and Shonin are the honorifics for high-ranking Buddhist priest

The Hydrangea (Ajisai) Garden

Yatadera in the hydrangea season

Hydrangea garden


One of the famous hydrangea garden in the Kansai region
Hydrangea, or ‘ajisai’ in Japanese, is native to Japan which has been cultivated from Nara Era, and has been used in composing many poems from ancient time.
We’ve been plant hydrangea from 1965, because the round-shaped flower looks like the gemstone which Jizo holds in his hand.
There’re 10,000 varieties of hydrangea, and 60 different species, which bloom in different season; for example, some bloom in middle of May, and other bloom in September.


From June to early July

Entrance fee (only the gerden opens)

Adults 500yen
Elementary school students (6-12 years old) 200yen


Do not use tripod / monopod to take pictures.
Do not eat food you bring.
Do not fly drone.

Ichinyoan (Tearoom)

Ichinyoan is used for tea ceremony. It opens for applicants and holds Urasenke or Sohenryu style tea ceremony during hydrangea season; nearly June 10th to the last day in every year.
You can see picturesque view of Nara Basin from this room.

View from Ichinyoan

Tea ceremony



3549 Yatacho, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara-ken 639-1058

By Car

From Osaka;
Taking Nishi-Meihan Expressway, get off at Horyuji IC, and drive about 24min.
Or taking Daini Hanna Toll Road, get off at Nakamachi Ramp, and drive about 16min.

From Nagoya;
Get off at Yamato-mahoroba Smart IC, and drive about 20min.

It’s hard to navigate around Koriyama station and Kintetsu-Koriyama station for travelers. We recommend going by train and bus.

By Train and Bus

From Osaka (Osaka Namba station: A01);
Take train going toward Nara. At Yamato Saidaiji Station (A26/B26), get off train and transfer to the Kyoto/Kashiharajingu-mae Line.
Take train bound to Kashiharajingu-mae.
Get off at Kintetsu-Koriyama Station (B30).
Take Narakoutsu-Bus bound to Yatadera (No.20) at Kintetsu-Koriyama bus stop No.1.

From Kyoto (Kintetsu Kyoto station: B01);
Take train going toward Kashiharajingu-mae.
(If you take train bound to Nara/Tenri, you must transfer to Kyoto/Kashiharajingu-mae Line at YamatoSaidaiji (A26/B26))
Get off at Kintetsu-Koriyama Station (B30).
Take Narakoutsu-Bus bound to Yatadera (No.20) at Kintetsu-Koriyama bus stop No.1.

Temporary bus will run to the Yatadera during the hydrangea season.